Hippie and Chic, 2 wor(l)ds coming together in Ibiza

The word Hippiechic brings two worlds and to words together. Hippie and Chic.

Hippie is the movie HAIR, flower painted Volkswagen Beatles, guitar playing on the beach with a joint and no worries on your mind. Hippie is the first 20 minutes of the movie 'BLOW' with Jonny Depp. It does seem to originate from California from where it swept the world in a free love Hairy Flowerpower lifestyle of which the flagship of this movement became flowery clothing, music and smoking joints. Chic is a French word and means everything in between elegance, style and money expressing itself in beauty.

How did these 2 worlds come together to create one word: HippieChic ?

Over time, the Hippie lifestyle became associated with Ibiza, and the white pearl in the Mediterranean is widely known as 'hippie' island. This is, obviously, since the hippie discovered Ibiza. On the other hand, or should I say side, Ibiza also became excessively chic. A complete Brand has been created around the Yachts, pool parties with well-dressed globetrotters ( well, at the beginning of the party), famous DJ's playing on world-famous clubs etc.

Let's dive a little deeper here.
First of all, the hippie movement has developed from that first Californian momentum and has become a clothing, music and lifestyle brand. Since everything that is a lifestyle can and must be branded. The hippie lifestyle still stands for freedom, bright floral printed patterns, patchwork fashion, people with sandals and long hair. SO here we have the situation that the Brand is flourishing, but are there still hippies out there? It was cool to be a hippy in the 60ies, you might be a loser without money in 2019.
Rest assured, there are still real hippies in Ibiza

A short history
When the first artists came to Ibiza around the 50ies in the last century, many farmers gave them empty casitas in return of a painting. When they went to the local bar to eat, the way to pay the tab after a while was with a painting. This is the reason there are many bars in Ibiza that are stuffed with paintings with quite different styles and subjects. SO for centuries, there have been 'real' hippies on Ibiza. The brand PACHA is a direct result of this lifestyle. In fact, one of the DJ's that started the FLOWER POWER evening in PACHA in 1967 still plays in this world-famous club in the same theme night and apart from digital music, he does use the almost extinct music cassettes that must be 30 years old now.

Lets say, the modern-day hippie still embraces the inner call to freedom, but the outward expression doesn't need to fit that goal directly.  In the 60ies, people came out of a very conservative and post-war rebuilding society with many fears around sexuality and freedom. The style of clothing was really tight and traditional and functional. It was needed to express the new found freedom of expression in the way people where dressed. In those epic days, it was really revolutionary to listen to the Beatles, grow your hair and go to Woodstock.

Nowedays, the hippie lifestyle but even more the brand is adopted by CHIC people. It is not uncommon in some Ibiza shops to pay up to 250 euro for a very well designed floral summer skirt or dress. Real hippies can't pay this amount of money, but CHIC people can. Leather handmade boots with colourful ornaments, floral silk and cotton shirts with Indian patterns hand stitched into it, the occasional feathers in your hair. It is all the same expression of the hippie lifestyle that has evolved into a call for, I would say, inner freedom.

The hippies of a new generation will express themselves in their unique way of clothing, music and a specific style of living. The old hippie lifestyle now lives on as a brand that is connected to the inner call of Ibiza, the song of freedom that is, in the end, priceless. At the end of the day, you can't buy inner freedom.  

The brand Ibizachique is providing BOHO and Hippie inspired clothing for a very reasonable price, thus making it available for anybody that feels affiliated to the Ibiza lifestyle and clothing culture.