The magic of Ibiza is right under your feet

On some lazy Sunday, the best music producers and holiday marketers got together and made a plan. They wanted to create a 'party island'. They looked at the map, checked out the number of sun hours and wanted an appealing name; They Choose IBIZA

This is not how Ibiza got the status of Premium Party Island Brand. And it's actually much more than that.

Ibiza is a complete lifestyle experience.. with its clubs, and white sandy beaches come complete clothing lines, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories. The hippy markets are famous, Las Dalias attracts more than 10.000 visitors on busy Saturdays in summer.

But why Ibiza? What is the magic that drawn the first artists and bohemians in the 40is and 50is of the last century? Why did the JetSet book flights from Hollywood, Paris and London all the way to Freddy Mercury, WHAM and Chivengy's 50iest birthday with Leonardo di Caprio and Madonna visiting the white pearl in the Mediterranean.

To find the magic and secret of Ibiza, we need to go to the roots. We have to dive into the land, the fertile red soil. Here is where the epic story of Ibiza starts.

The first cultures setting foot on the land where the Punic and Phoenician people. They came for trade. They noticed there are no snakes or other venomous animals on the island. So, they called Ibiza IBESHIM, named to their God Bes. This God is the protector God against snakebites, as well of the God of Dance, Music and sensuality. It is an ugly dwarf God sometimes depicted with a huge penis. But that's not where he tantalises his followers with, its with a  flute, like the God Pan.

So from the land came Bes, came Ibeshim, came Ibiza. The soul of the island is in the ground. And there are everywhere quarts line making lines along the rocky coastline and within the heart of the island. Giving it a high vibrancy of change and transformation.

From the dancing and singing and sensuality, the drummers came, more hippies came, the jet set came, the super rich came. And 8 million tourists per year are coming because they want to dance, celebrate life, dive in some hedonistic rituals when they like, or just chill at one of the 60+ stunning beaches. From all of this arose a lifestyle that is unique in the world, the mix of DJ' painting clubs, chiringuitos and bars with the chilled loungy Ibiza sounds. Yes, Ibiza also created Cafe del Mar, the mother of Lounge music.  And it created hippie-inspired clothing added with an Indian BOHO twist, evolving into Hippie Chique. A brand that attracts millions and millions worldwide in their personal transformation, desire to party and to have a great holiday. In the end, Ibiza is a unique brand, but its the earth itself that attracts all of us.


The God BES